Follow @apoetsailor Ain’t no wadding in this pondit’ll only get your shoes wetonly by diving in head-firstwill the battle finally be met The time of dialogue is long pasthis words fall flat on the floorthe Dictator-n-Training must be stoppedPatriots brace for the impending war We need an … Continue reading


Follow @apoetsailor   I am the Master of my own space throughout the Universe I have left my trace in real space/time I’ve traveled far been here and there seen many a star this I can say without a doubt the Earth's the place they all talk about   ©Sailor   March 2, … Continue reading

Nothing Today

Follow @apoetsailor   PERHAPS TOMORROW   Why I got nothing done today a sleepy morning at the local café the table centerpiece a sweet bouquet and there upon my mind display I saw a World of sleep and play They live a life without delay needs provided by Government pay but much to … Continue reading

Greed or Weed

or Long ago it was decreedyes, to even misleadvia propaganda they force feedcausing everyone to concede We must refuse to proceeda closed-minded stampedeforcing us to recedethey say it’s all guaranteed Controlled by Devil’s Weeddressed-up in Harris tweedforcing its’ users to … Continue reading


 SOCIO-TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT   The hours of our life on Earth count toward a seemingly infinite, yet inevitable ever changing conclusion   Pondering many wonders brought moments of pleasure realizing there will never be enough time fascinated by socio-technological advancement … Continue reading