Winter Love

  Looking out across Lake Superior from my little hill atop the world watching clouds gather The last remnants of summer linger like clinging to an old love affair and now ………Winter approaches   He does not loom on the horizon Waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting few  Not … Continue reading


Technorati Tags: Homeless,Remember the Poor    Sitting in a coffee house in the middle of the world (St. Paul, Minnesota), I watched a skyscraper grow from the rubble of another demolished downtown (Landmark) hotel.    The morning sun burst on the scene with a flash But then downtown I … Continue reading


On a warm day in March the sun makes an appearance pretending winter has ended can this really be true winter is finally over or some cruel trick inviting us outdoors only to slap our face intrepid cold reality a gentle peace unsuspecting inescapable inevitable 2010 – 2011 ©  … Continue reading

Two Deer

    Oh yes, let's begin to play upon the things we saw today Remember the deer up on the road looking both ways like they were told Now they did not move for fear from above but stared at the truck and smiled with love We asked each other why they were so dumb then I commented they had no … Continue reading