Another unscripted gathering at the local watering hole

where all the problems plaguing us are solved in one night

coming to grips with this conflict of civility

confusion, misapplication of words spoken created the fight


Reporting the news, even with the pundit’s twist

opinions blended with misleading facts

spewed venomous accusation

demonizing the opposition

doing exactly that which

they accuse others are doing

keeping the hairs standing on our backs


The Progressive/Liberal elite are executing their plan

confuse the base, overwhelm the public coffers

constructed monetary failure arrives at night

public welfare fund takers and scoffers

riot for unearned government dole

conditions deteriorate rapidly

the toppling of Democracy

well within their sight


My gosh, I cannot believe you all don’t see

the Progressive vision

complete government control over you and me

not saying the Conservatives are doing any less harm

all the reckless spending

causing America to sell the farm


Time for the people

you know who I mean

…of the People, by the People…”

all remember the dream

put an end to political vitriol

a Democratic Republic

protects freedom for all


©  Sailor  January 17, 2011    All Rights Reserved


To go on from here would just waste your time

be civil and honest with one-another

tranquility would be just fine


Are you ready for this:

The Call

“Hello…Sailor here.”
“Hello.  Rod?”
“No, Sailor.  I don’t know who Rod is.”
“Pardon me?”
“That’s OK.”
“Can I speak with Rod?”
“Sorry, don’t know who Rod is?”
“Let me speak with Rod.”
“You have the wrong number …sorry.”
“This is not Rod’s phone?”
“How long have you had this number.”
“Eight years.”
“No Way!  Rod had this number last week.”
“What number did you call?”
“What’s your number?”
“No, it don’t work that way.  You tell me what number you called, and I’ll tell you if it’s my number, or not.”
“Screw-you …click.”
Wow!  I answered the telephone, allowing it to completely interrupt my thoughts.  I do have an appetite for communication, though not the above abbreviated, nonsensical, rude miscommunication the caller abruptly ended.