To suppress the voice of one side

because you disagree

is an attempt to suppress the opinions

and thoughts of anyone that is free


There is one point however

with you I do agree

words are definitely meant to incite

the results most people can see


To blame the psychotic reactions

on the words of an articulate few

like blaming the Moon for our behavior

to this thought you must bid ado


Take your head right out of your ………

stop automatically blaming the opposition

they’re not your enemy they just disagree

stop with the unnecessary contradictions


If I were to say,  “…go fly a kite.”

I am not to blame

you used metal wire for string

and then the lightning came


Simply put

psychotic acts of a very few

cannot be attributed to me and you

nor to politicians speaking words anew


The call to act

is strong indeed

compassion and logic

will provide their need


We can all come together

the issues abound

for truth we will search

with nary a frown


 ©  Sailor April 29 , 2011 All Rights Reserved

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