The day passed with our survival all.  Each and every one recovered from the squall. Michael was asking, if any of us knew.  He said he would tell us, so not be blue. 

“I wonder how many of you, know the real story, about when we celebrate Christmas, and all of its glory?”  Michael stopped for a moment, giving us all time to think, then he looked to the Universe, and gave it a wink.

“Christmas is celebrated, in December because, Pope Julius the First, needed a special faux pas.  The Pagans were dominating the winter’s festive creations.  The Christian were left out of the celebrations.  From year zero to well after 300 AD, Christ birth was celebrated in April, you see.  Pope Julius, wanting to crush the Pagans declared, the Pagan’s high holiday must then be snared.”

At this point I wondered if this was all true, promising later today I had a task to do.  To discover the truth, and ferret out the lies, connecting all the stories, and finding the ties.

Michael continued on, thus fulfilling his need, “Pope Julius declared the Church had decreed:  Our Lord Jesus Christ was born on the longest night of the year.  The Pagans stole your holiday, to suppress all your cheer, thus inciting the Christians of the Fourth Century, into creating celebrations, greater than their enemy’s.”

“They were to take the celebrations, move them from April to December, overwhelming the Pagan party, with a specular “Story” to remember.”

Michael stopped talking, this made us all think.  “You know,” he said, “actions like this, really stink.”

He continued his story, describing this nasty deed, but telling the truth, is his only need. “Christmas then dominated the winter holidays, while the Pagan’s solstice party slipped into an obscure malaise.  No one still living, knows the real truth.  (When was Christ born?)   No one knows, not even the great sleuth.”

I asked Michael why he was telling us this, he said, “To keep you informed, and way above the mist.”  After a moment he added, “I know it’s the celebration, not the day of the year, but distortions like this, make me shed a big tear.”

That’s the end of my story, when I learned of the truth.  Another piece of trivial information showing they are uncouth.  When you give them the power to make decisions for you, you loose your ability to see what is true.

 ©  Sailor December 30, 2010   All rights Reserved

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