Full Moon

Having just experienced a lunar eclipse on the longest night, and shortest day of this years trip around the sun, I watched as the full Moon, in all its splendor, reflect its influence on the Earth.   Did not the joy in last nights sky make you smile and get you high   Did not the glow … Continue reading

Nothing Today

Follow @apoetsailor   PERHAPS TOMORROW   Why I got nothing done today a sleepy morning at the local café the table centerpiece a sweet bouquet and there upon my mind display I saw a World of sleep and play They live a life without delay needs provided by Government pay but much to … Continue reading

Your Life

I STILL DREAM OF YOU   Passionate jasmine intoxication atop a red circle within the blue world upon the copper Earth ******* All bound with the seven knots encompassed by knowledge universal consciousness dominates existence     You are the Goddess that is in your life you are the … Continue reading


The Goddess - The Universe - Same Difference    This is for the Ladies of Avalon and the first day of winter, December 21, 2010     She sets the eastern sky aglow   Shining so that all may know      Reflecting the light of the universe   Thus putting an end to the ancient … Continue reading

Tripping Through Time

          Now through the motions              stepping lightly ahead of time                 trying hard to remember              how far I must climb           It's early on the trail              the direction is … Continue reading