Technorati Tags: Politically Correct,Thought Police,Socialist,Bureaucrats NEW SPEAK While listening to the Progressive politically correct George Orwell’s “1984”, New Speak becomes suspect Re-writing your thoughts controlling your actions banning words and phrases has really … Continue reading


  They claim he acts like a blubbering fool as the new Speaker of the land but they seem to miss the subject on which he took a stand It seems to me the touchy-feely crowd has a problem with the Speaker displaying his emotions out-loud Simply put The Liberal/Progressive say do what we … Continue reading

Obama the King

My gosh, the first words that come to my mind when first trying to say it politely the American way, a republic so fine but the Progressives are gripping it tightly   I know you now see President Obama’s true plan to overwhelm the economy as quickly as he can   Redistribute the wealth, … Continue reading


An amusing dream transported across time the Governments most powerful lady has a Christmas present in mind   Saturday Night Live ® shared their vivid out-takes An earthquake separates California from the mainland of the United States   Queen Nancy now smiles She has her country … Continue reading


THANKSGIVING 2010 Wake up This is the tomorrow You were warned about yesterday  Concern Predicated on One’s personal effect (EFFECT; An impression that is artificial)   When affected a flurry of reaction no time for the opposition  Consider unintended consequences almost always … Continue reading