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Sitting in a coffee house in the middle of the world (St. Paul, Minnesota), I watched a skyscraper grow from the rubble of another demolished downtown (Landmark) hotel.
 The morning sun burst on the scene with a flash
But then downtown I saw all the trash
A fresh new rapping of the Earth
They say it’s progress at it’s birth
Still, I cannot help but wonder why
We have this need to reach the sky
Forever upward with steel and stone
Taking us further away from home
New stores and offices and places to work
But listen, herein lies the quirk
There is a problem we all can see
A great big problem in the land of the free
We need a place to put some beds
A quiet place to rest their heads
For the need of the homeless has reached a state
The problem can no longer be left to fate
Your apathy is there with my regretful sigh
Somehow this problem seems to idle by
So what have you done in your daily play
To help with the plight of your fellow man
Have you lifted a finger or made a sound
Do you think no solution can be found
Your wrong you know without a doubt
All the homeless need is a little clout
A Moment of your Time
Give them your pennies
your nickels and dimes
give them your love
by spending some time
Work for solutions
don’t stand around
unless you start talking
they’ll never be found
I could go on
with this diatribe
taking you on a trip
and helping you hide
but this poem is because
they have one request of you
about your homeless neighbors
and all the things you can do
© Sailor