Follow @apoetsailor Ain’t no wadding in this pondit’ll only get your shoes wetonly by diving in head-firstwill the battle finally be met The time of dialogue is long pasthis words fall flat on the floorthe Dictator-n-Training must be stoppedPatriots brace for the impending war We need an … Continue reading


…they put their life on hold …they put their life on hold …on remembering how y'all got so upset learning we were ‘water-boarding’ Enemy Combatants to gain valuable intelligence, thus saving thousands of innocent lives – how quickly some complain, while forgetting the blood sweat & … Continue reading

Day One

The fall of Tripoli The Sun illuminated the dawn exposing war-torn empty streets now hunted by Gadhafi loyalist shooting almost anyone they see ... Last nights fantastic jubilation faded away on the morning fog Gadhafi remains in hiding two sons captured like a dog ... Now the … Continue reading