So many issues directly affecting Society Thoughts governed by logic a peculiarity We’ve become numb to the opposition Confused why others don’t hold our opinion I know it’s all confusing Voices seem to be musing Colored by bias delusion Contributing to the confusion Having looked … Continue reading


Follow @apoetsailor   I am the Master of my own space throughout the Universe I have left my trace in real space/time I’ve traveled far been here and there seen many a star this I can say without a doubt the Earth's the place they all talk about   ©Sailor   March 2, … Continue reading


…they put their life on hold …they put their life on hold …on remembering how y'all got so upset learning we were ‘water-boarding’ Enemy Combatants to gain valuable intelligence, thus saving thousands of innocent lives – how quickly some complain, while forgetting the blood sweat & … Continue reading