While listening to the Progressive politically correct

George Orwell’s “1984”, New Speak becomes suspect

Re-writing your thoughts controlling your actions

banning words and phrases has really gained traction

The Government using the manipulator’s secret tool

propaganda not truth – dictated understanding for the fool

By suppression create greed, the driving force of the masses

triple digit inflation grows by the hour ……and Germany collapses

So they legalized all the popular social vices

prostitution, pot, alcohol, and banned spices

German citizens learned one morning in the late 30’s

Germany is Nazi and hates the Jews …show them no mercy

Drawing parallels I know is really very weak

covert deception and lies is how they sneak

George Orwell’s warnings should not be allowed to fade out

resists all Socialist attempts …to remove your true clout

Politically correct advocates want to suppresses our free speech

Bureaucratic Thought Police want to control what we must teach

Did we really abdicate control to self-serving Politicians

allowing unelected bureaucrats to make the decisions

One must consider the long-termed ramification

before demanding a short-termed manipulation

It’s individuals

and if individuals remain free

Socialism fails (again as always)

innovation fosters prosperity you see

Don’t let the Government grow and become the great beast

“A Government that governs the best governs the least.”

bring these words to conclusion and so end the rhyme

understanding through education and you’ll do just fine

February 12, 2011 ©  Sailor All Rights Reserved

Revised  March 1, 2011

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