Nothing Today





Why I got nothing done today

a sleepy morning at the local café

the table centerpiece a sweet bouquet

and there upon my mind display

I saw a World of sleep and play

Welcome Scan

They live a life without delay

needs provided by Government pay

but much to their amazed dismay

the Public coffers began to decay

“Here’s your Espresso …make-way!”



I looked up and began to say

to clear the air and find a way

hoping not to sound passé

I was simply blown away

magnificent beauty on display

*   *   *   *   *

The Gin we shared ……ah yes, Bombay

bent our minds and made us sway

 Bombay Gin


I’ll never forget that beautiful day

I even remember the lovely bouquet

an early morning at the local café

now a permanent record in my dossier

the beautiful lady I let slip away

I still can hear her voice today

singing those words that she would say

“Keep dreaming my Sailor, now go out and play.”


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  1. Wonderful website!! Everything written from the heart and soul!! What a great gift to have!!

  2. I really like this poem. Your descriptiveness paints a beautiful picture. Well done. 🙂 -Boo