Follow @apoetsailor Ain’t no wadding in this pondit’ll only get your shoes wetonly by diving in head-firstwill the battle finally be met The time of dialogue is long pasthis words fall flat on the floorthe Dictator-n-Training must be stoppedPatriots brace for the impending war We need an … Continue reading


  So many issues directly affecting Society Thoughts governed by logic a peculiarity We’ve become numb to the opposition Confused why others don’t hold our opinion I know it’s all confusing Voices seem to be musing Colored by bias delusion Contributing to the confusion Having looked … Continue reading


Follow @apoetsailor   I am the Master of my own space throughout the Universe I have left my trace in real space/time I’ve traveled far been here and there seen many a star this I can say without a doubt the Earth's the place they all talk about   ©Sailor   March 2, … Continue reading

Full Moon

Having just experienced a lunar eclipse on the longest night, and shortest day of this years trip around the sun, I watched as the full Moon, in all its splendor, reflect its influence on the Earth.   Did not the joy in last nights sky make you smile and get you high   Did not the glow … Continue reading

Nothing Today

Follow @apoetsailor   PERHAPS TOMORROW   Why I got nothing done today a sleepy morning at the local café the table centerpiece a sweet bouquet and there upon my mind display I saw a World of sleep and play They live a life without delay needs provided by Government pay but much to … Continue reading