Should ‘a




 Should have listened to the Poet

disclosing our President’s true plan

the Time of Madness is upon us

digested reality hits the fan


Would have considered what He said

diametrical truths of modern time

Progressives must destroy Capitalism

to ease their guilty liberal mind


Could have stopped the insane spending

but we let Obama join the dance

average folks are to big-hearted

let’s give the new guy a chance


Should have, Would have, Could have

the tears of those who lost the plan

Government Union controlled numbers grow

Private Sector forced to take a stand


You would have, but life got in the way

and when you could you should have acted

but you voted on personality not principles

now your freedoms soon to be contracted


Wisconsin Unions reveal the true plan

monopolized (collective) bargaining

choke free market Capitalism any way they can

crush the Progressive Socialist Unions

private “Free” citizens now take a stand


©  Sailor  February 21, 2011 All Rights Reserved

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