“The time has come…” to share the distraction

phrases tumble madly along flights of thought

the starting of two novels has been presented

three remain half written waiting to be caught


Writing these words while the mist begins to clear

long time spent staring at the next empty line

a clear understanding of the game being played

reveals manufactured distractions to create the decline

Sorry for interrupting the poem.  However, the necessity to explain, something others have demanded.  Being the minimalist, I rather enjoyed the one hundred-forty character limitation.  With all that is going on today, getting the news becomes paramount, but, another however.  I hate abbreviations like “i c u 2” and the like

Pretending, believing, there IS still plenty of time

convincing myself, “poetry is not a crime”


Many distractions of which Twitter® is one

has proved to be both entertaining and fun


But if you see @apoetsailor, do say something, I hope

tweet me saying “…back to your writing you dope.”


I’ll get the hint, and the nudge I surly need

who knows, things happen, you have planted the seed.


February 22, 2011 ©  Sailor All Rights Reserved

Revised: March 28,2011 by Sailor


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While listening to the Progressive politically correct

George Orwell’s “1984”, New Speak becomes suspect

Re-writing your thoughts controlling your actions

banning words and phrases has really gained traction

The Government using the manipulator’s secret tool

propaganda not truth – dictated understanding for the fool

By suppression create greed, the driving force of the masses

triple digit inflation grows by the hour ……and Germany collapses

So they legalized all the popular social vices

prostitution, pot, alcohol, and banned spices

German citizens learned one morning in the late 30’s

Germany is Nazi and hates the Jews …show them no mercy

Drawing parallels I know is really very weak

covert deception and lies is how they sneak

George Orwell’s warnings should not be allowed to fade out

resists all Socialist attempts …to remove your true clout

Politically correct advocates want to suppresses our free speech

Bureaucratic Thought Police want to control what we must teach

Did we really abdicate control to self-serving Politicians

allowing unelected bureaucrats to make the decisions

One must consider the long-termed ramification

before demanding a short-termed manipulation

It’s individuals

and if individuals remain free

Socialism fails (again as always)

innovation fosters prosperity you see

Don’t let the Government grow and become the great beast

“A Government that governs the best governs the least.”

bring these words to conclusion and so end the rhyme

understanding through education and you’ll do just fine

February 12, 2011 ©  Sailor All Rights Reserved

Revised  March 1, 2011

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The Alphabet Manipulator



























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I have what is a big problem

one I really don’t understand

my anger explodes exponentially

but this is never ever what I plan


No one seems to believe me

of the anger I don’t control

some bio-chemical interaction

changes me to another soul


Your forgiveness is not requested

each and every act I did

but understand it was not me

like my brain became a kid


Were I but a child today

and not about to be seventy

they would diagnosis my problem

and fix-me-up chemically


I wonder on another problem

one I think I understand

this bio-chemical interaction

may be prevalent throughout the land


No one wants to believe me

distorted religious doctrine is to blame

each condemns the teachings of the other

but the Infidel must be slain


Now this you know…

and you know that it’s true

Islam wants to change/control the whole world

enslave/exterminate the Infidel and the Jew


I have lived many fantastic decades

doing things you will never get a chance to do

when the Union of Socialist America (USA) collapses

it will be a third world doctorial existence for all of you


©  Sailor February 28, 2011 All Rights Reserved

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Should ‘a




 Should have listened to the Poet

disclosing our President’s true plan

the Time of Madness is upon us

digested reality hits the fan


Would have considered what He said

diametrical truths of modern time

Progressives must destroy Capitalism

to ease their guilty liberal mind


Could have stopped the insane spending

but we let Obama join the dance

average folks are to big-hearted

let’s give the new guy a chance


Should have, Would have, Could have

the tears of those who lost the plan

Government Union controlled numbers grow

Private Sector forced to take a stand


You would have, but life got in the way

and when you could you should have acted

but you voted on personality not principles

now your freedoms soon to be contracted


Wisconsin Unions reveal the true plan

monopolized (collective) bargaining

choke free market Capitalism any way they can

crush the Progressive Socialist Unions

private “Free” citizens now take a stand


©  Sailor  February 21, 2011 All Rights Reserved

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This he told us is what he wanted to do

I cannot believe the people don’t see

to fundamentally transform America

destroy the Capitalist driven economy


Obama 002 


The more you earn the more he wants

for he truly believes in retribution

create a supermajority dependent class

simply using wealth redistribution


Destroy the value of the American Dollar

create slow burning civil unrest

transformation comes slowly

government steps in to clean up the mess


All the Citizens must suffer

unless you are a Government employee

don’t vote yourself out of a job

nor give-up your excessive salary


Do you think you lost a lot

when your 401K crashed

your big surprise is coming

the printing presses are running

your paper money devalued to trash


Wake up …wake up …it’s not to late

You still have time to save the state

Your vote is most important …it’s true

“…of the people, by the people, for the people…”

 no Government is ever better than You

Revised February 20, 2011

© Sailor January 27, 2011      All Rights Reserved


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Obama swells the ranks of the Bureaucrats

populating the many thousand new agencies

writing life altering restrictive regulations

bringing a Democratic Republic to its knees

 Obama 001



Obama swells the Public Assistance rolls

single payer – the Government stands alone

except the ruling class – the political elite

they and their minions have their own

 Obama 004 



Obama swells the cost of energy

super inflation creates civil unrest

looking for Cairo in Detroit and L.A.

now we all will pay much more for less

Anger 01


©  Sailor  February 05, 2011   All Rights Reserved

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“Your doing what?”  A friend yelled at me.  “Your letting them read, and have it for free?”

      “But I want them to read, and see what I see.  Their comments are wonderful, it has to be free.”   Now I’m sharing with you, a small problem I have.  To cover expenses, a problem so sad.  Such a small problem yet, a problem indeed.  Blogging cost are accelerating, thus causing a need.  Mailing service monthly bill, and Hosting services too,  miscellaneous expenses, “Oh what shall I do?”

 “Ask for donations, their comments say you’re a scholar.  If they like what you’ve written, they’ll give you a dollar.”

     You might think this poem is for money for me, but it’s about the expenses, and keeping the site free.  So now I must ask (humbly) for a dollar or two,  my PayPal™  account will accept donations from you.  With heavy heart I have asked,  and now carry on.   My account name at PayPal™  is:  poetsailor@hotmail.com     Thank you for reading, and spending your time.  Thank you for sharing,  your comments are fine.  I’m sorry I’m asking,  for money from you,  but think for a moment,  “Just what would you do?”

© Sailor

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The State of the Union


a re-election campaign


Will he tell us what we are  going to do

to correct the socioeconomic problem today


a joke, then political speak with properly placed

spectacular announcements … Applaud! – Applaud!


Enough already

while pundits are looking for labels

you should be listening for substance

©  Sailor  January 24, 2011      All Rights Reserved

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Sitting in a coffee house in the middle of the world (St. Paul, Minnesota), I watched a skyscraper grow from the rubble of another demolished downtown (Landmark) hotel.
 The morning sun burst on the scene with a flash
But then downtown I saw all the trash
A fresh new rapping of the Earth
They say it’s progress at it’s birth
Still, I cannot help but wonder why
We have this need to reach the sky
Forever upward with steel and stone
Taking us further away from home
New stores and offices and places to work
But listen, herein lies the quirk
There is a problem we all can see
A great big problem in the land of the free
We need a place to put some beds
A quiet place to rest their heads
For the need of the homeless has reached a state
The problem can no longer be left to fate
Your apathy is there with my regretful sigh
Somehow this problem seems to idle by
So what have you done in your daily play
To help with the plight of your fellow man
Have you lifted a finger or made a sound
Do you think no solution can be found
Your wrong you know without a doubt
All the homeless need is a little clout
A Moment of your Time
Give them your pennies
your nickels and dimes
give them your love
by spending some time
Work for solutions
don’t stand around
unless you start talking
they’ll never be found
I could go on
with this diatribe
taking you on a trip
and helping you hide
but this poem is because
they have one request of you
about your homeless neighbors
and all the things you can do
© Sailor 


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 Political and ideological beliefs traverse many courses

perceived as must-have cultural requirements

drive the intended social modifying forces


While honing the propaganda skill

ignoring unintended consequences

having God’s direction to kill


I for one shall hover above the fray

educate honestly the uninformed

and to the Universe I shall pray


Stay tuned, listen, learn, and vote

Only a fool relies on hope

exercise your opinion the one way you can

by casting your vote you have taken a stand


By-the-by, there is no excuse

for one’s failure to vote

for all the lives sacrificed

not voting makes one a dope

 ©  Sailor  January 21, 2011       All Rights Reserved

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Another unscripted gathering at the local watering hole

where all the problems plaguing us are solved in one night

coming to grips with this conflict of civility

confusion, misapplication of words spoken created the fight


Reporting the news, even with the pundit’s twist

opinions blended with misleading facts

spewed venomous accusation

demonizing the opposition

doing exactly that which

they accuse others are doing

keeping the hairs standing on our backs


The Progressive/Liberal elite are executing their plan

confuse the base, overwhelm the public coffers

constructed monetary failure arrives at night

public welfare fund takers and scoffers

riot for unearned government dole

conditions deteriorate rapidly

the toppling of Democracy

well within their sight


My gosh, I cannot believe you all don’t see

the Progressive vision

complete government control over you and me

not saying the Conservatives are doing any less harm

all the reckless spending

causing America to sell the farm


Time for the people

you know who I mean

…of the People, by the People…”

all remember the dream

put an end to political vitriol

a Democratic Republic

protects freedom for all


©  Sailor  January 17, 2011    All Rights Reserved


To go on from here would just waste your time

be civil and honest with one-another

tranquility would be just fine


Are you ready for this:

The Call

“Hello…Sailor here.”
“Hello.  Rod?”
“No, Sailor.  I don’t know who Rod is.”
“Pardon me?”
“That’s OK.”
“Can I speak with Rod?”
“Sorry, don’t know who Rod is?”
“Let me speak with Rod.”
“You have the wrong number …sorry.”
“This is not Rod’s phone?”
“How long have you had this number.”
“Eight years.”
“No Way!  Rod had this number last week.”
“What number did you call?”
“What’s your number?”
“No, it don’t work that way.  You tell me what number you called, and I’ll tell you if it’s my number, or not.”
“Screw-you …click.”
Wow!  I answered the telephone, allowing it to completely interrupt my thoughts.  I do have an appetite for communication, though not the above abbreviated, nonsensical, rude miscommunication the caller abruptly ended.
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So confused I have become

witnessing the social engine of change

to topple subversive corrupt governments

a most honorable mission to arrange

How shall we dispose

of tyrannical regimes

unarmed shoulder-to-shoulder

seems ridiculous to me

and how shall we protect

our precious way-of-life

from the burden of over-taxation

regulation, and civil/social strife

Freedom 01

Where the ballot box has been violated

raped and stuffed by obscene power

the only remedy the citizenry have

to topple the corrupt ivory tower

How shall we dispose

of tyrannical regimes

unarmed shoulder-to-shoulder

seems ridiculous to me

and how shall we protect

our precious way-of-life

from the burden of over-taxation

regulation, and civil/social strife


But violence promotes disaster

innocent lives suffer underfoot

property damage for no reason at all

an ugly under-body covered in soot

How shall we dispose

of tyrannical regimes

unarmed shoulder-to-shoulder

seems ridiculous to me

and how shall we protect

our precious way-of-life

from the burden of over-taxation

regulation, and civil/social strife


Stop allowing incremental eradication

one more regulation to keep you from getting blue

eliminate the role of career politicians

don’t let them take freedoms away from you

How shall we dispose

of tyrannical regimes

unarmed shoulder-to-shoulder

seems ridiculous to me

and how shall we protect

our precious way-of-life

from the burden of over-taxation

regulation, and civil/social strife

©  Sailor January 14, 2011 All Rights Reserved

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The Speech

Obama 001

President Obama offered the nations condolences

as he called on all Americans

to draw lessons from the lives of the fallen

and the heroes that took a stand


While confronting the political debate

which erupted after the rampage

warning “…peoples of all beliefs” not to use the tragedy

to further divide with accusatory verbiage


He asked us to, “…sharpen our instincts for empathy.”

not to turn on one another

don’t blame Democrats or Republicans

the truth wont make you shudder


One of the most powerful addressees

President Obama has ever delivered

harnessing emotions generated by the shock and loss

his words made the far far left quiver


The President said:

“……to expand our moral imaginations

to listen to each other more carefully

……to remind ourselves of all the ways

that our hope and dreams are bound together.”


“At a time when our discourse

has become so sharply polarized

at a time when we are far to eager

to lay the blame for all that ails the world

at the feet of those who think differently than we do.”


“It’s important for us to pause for a moment

and make sure we are talking with each other

in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.”

I say ya’ got ‘a communicate with your brother


To a rally-like overflowing crowd

at the University of Arizona

eulogizing the six people who died

trying to maintain a neutral persona


Representative Gabrielle (Gabby) Gifford

was targeted for assassination

thoughts that,  “…lurked in the inner recesses of a violent man’s mind.”

President Obama warned against  “…simple explanations.”


The events should force individuals to look inward

and prompt a collective response

against reflexive ideological and social conflicts

don’t act with an air of nonchalance


While the content and tone were not political

there were clear political ramifications

for the evening he appeared above partisanship

but his re-election politics not on vacation


President Obama said, “If this tragedy

promotes reflection and debate, as it should

let’s make sure it is worthy of those we have lost.”

his words should not be misunderstood


The President then said, “Let’s make sure

it’s not on the usual plane of politics

and point scoring and pettiness

that drifts away with the next news cycle.”


He saved his final words for Christina Green

“If there are rain puddles in heaven

Christina is jumping in them today.”




©  Sailor  January 13, 2011 All Rights Reserved

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John Boehner 

They claim he acts like a blubbering fool

as the new Speaker of the land

but they seem to miss the subject

on which he took a stand

It seems to me

the touchy-feely crowd

has a problem with the Speaker

displaying his emotions out-loud

Simply put

The Liberal/Progressive say

do what we tell you

that’s the proper way

It seems to me

the touchy-feely crowd

has a problem with the Speaker

displaying his emotions out-loud

To stay politically correct

we must act as they dictate

not seeing what they do

for approval we must wait

It seems to me

the touchy-feely crowd

has a problem with the Speaker

displaying his emotions out-loud

No shamed in being emotional

it shows that your alive

the Liberal condemnation

empty rhetoric filled with jive

It seems to me

the touchy-feely crowd

has a problem with the Speaker

displaying his emotions out-loud

John Facebook 

It seems to me

the touchy-feely crowd

should look to clean-up their own mess

before they talk out-loud

 © Sailor January 12, 2011    All Rights Reserved

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Obama the King

My gosh, the first words that come to my mind

when first trying to say it politely

the American way, a republic so fine

but the Progressives are gripping it tightly

Obama 001 

I know you now see President Obama’s true plan

to overwhelm the economy as quickly as he can


Redistribute the wealth, create a dependency class

when the Government makes the call, they will all amass


Default on the promises he made in the past

by bringing the economy to the brink of collapse

 Obama 003

America’s gotten lazy, complaisant and fat

the Socialist movement says some freedoms are crap


How many videos of North Korea have you seen

to be one those citizens cannot be your dream

now they don’t want me to yell this to loud

but Progressive’s say, you are part of the crowd

 Obama 002

Please don’t buy into their ugly dream of Socialized Peace

for the Progressive says your rights are on lease

dispensed or withheld as the rulers see fit

you, constantly attached to the Government tit


True freedom never leaves you naked or alone

suppress Communism and all of its clones

free citizens will sing throughout the land

Democratic Capitalist Freedoms, concepts walking hand-in-hand


© Sailor  January 7, 2011 All Rights Reserved

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I’m rather amused and somewhat confused

the ineptness of some people today

inability to compose

The Emperor has no clothes”

comments are not meant to sway


Many of them say they are bookmarking me

or linking to an RSS feed

within the comment’s a question

not really offering a lesson

CONTACT ME you must plant the seed


You must “click” on the “CONTACT ME” page

found in the header and on the side-bar

You may say near anything you like

the “MY EYES ONLY” security is tight

ask questions or paint me with tar

I offer my humble request to the few

whom find my words just ring true

I do love to write

well into the night

“…not sharing would just make me blue.”

©  Sailor  January 6, 2011 All Rights Reserved

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“EC” Environmentally Correct

Remember the vision of an idea coming to fruition?   The light bulb, bright, over-head?

Have we lost our ability to think?

Conservationist say:

“The light bulb over your heads stink.”


Now we are left with our Dairy Queen® squiggle,

The Environmentalist say:

“…this will surly make them (us) wiggle.”


I say there’s less light, hurting our valuable sight,

China’s manufacturers say:

“Our environmentally safe lamps illuminate the night.”


I’m sorry, just a small problem you see,

So I say:

“The light is all wrong, skin the color of pee.”


The Conservationist, Environmentalist, and the manufacturers too,

All say:

“We do your thinking, you must conform.  That’s our message to you.


= = = = =


The Americans are all set, by ignoring the threat, for they know this Green movement’s a scam.

The ultimate aim, the very large gain, taken by pennies right out of your hand. 


= = = = =


The old ways are dust, the infrastructure turned to rust, the billionaires tuck their money away.

With our silly pride, we’ll all stay quiet and hide, hopping we don’t land in the bay.


= = = = =


We are up to our gills, with all of the bills, to another tax burden say “Nay”.

Re-evaluate the Nexus, know the politicians create the messes, while taxing us this very day.


= = = = =


Please give us your vote, please don’t be a dope, the ballot box is where you can say.

And don’t waste my rhyme, with your – “……I haven’t got the time…”, and don’t cry when they take half  your pay.


 ©  Sailor  All Rights Reserved  January 1, 2011 (rev. Jan. 2, 2011)


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Glen observes, communicates, and entertains me nightly

exposing Social Progressive movements in America so precisely

Though I disagree with his theosophy (theory without proof)

I have been tactfully educated politely


My age 68 is there to see, don’t mean to be uncouth

the S.D.S. tattoo still visible on my shoulder

what Glenn tells you about the Weathermen is the truth


Be careful who you choose to follow

when listening to the purveyors of truth

Let actual words and actions speak out

as you become the Master Sleuth


Armed with your inalienable rights

educated via the accusation of truth

Your freedom at the crossroads

extra dry, no vermouth


Don’t pollute the founder’s plan

with any fools change to the system

we shrugged the shackles of a king

our resolve is based on wisdom


My oh so simple request

are you a patriot, a pinhead, or a fool

peaceful freedom of Capitalism

or under a thumb, the Dictator’s rule?


© Sailor  All Rights Reserved (January 5, 2011)

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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase:

“…all the good ones are taken.”

just what I thought

first time I saw you

something inside awakened


Don’t need to take

nor come between

to cause a break

I must be true

not be a fake


Sharing what I feel

helps you understand

heart filled with fire

must convey

my burning desire


Your beauty blinds me

tried to think

that’s a joke

visions of our future

danced like smoke


As you come to me

share your love

stored excitement

exploding passion

true enticement


passion wanes

body spent

time to rest

peaceful sleep

You we’re the best


© Sailor Jan. 4, 2011

All Rights Reserved


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.                                   OF ONES COMPLEX LIFE


.                                 THE FLOWERS OF SPRING



.                                                    OF THE WORLD



.                                                       OF EXISTENCE

©  Sailor All rights reserved.


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Getting up in the morning

no longer the pain

it was

  Living in the city

always ruining

so I moved

  Mornings are Comfortable

as beautiful

as it can get

  Winter no longer a worry

beating on the window


  Safe in my backyard

experiencing life

warm again

 ©  Sailor

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©  Sailor  All Rights Reserved

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…..and who could forget the time

We had the real road under us then

     not the Word

not the Word’s thought

     just a vast and streaking roar

that now can only be compared

     to the sound of a car passing

 © Michael Granucci – 1976
© Sailor  All Rights Reserved

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Talking Horse 

1968  Summer Job – Cattle Ranch in the Santa Barbara Mountains 


“So, why don’t you publish your poetry?”,  the horse asked across forty plus years of time.  “You’ve been covering every scrap of paper, with your weird silly prose and distorted rhyme.” 

“I would really like to write a novel”, Sailor said.  “Many stories are swirling in my mind.  The problem is with, the number of words, as if brevity were a crime.”  Sailor then continued,  “As a poet”, he said. “I’ve become a minimalist, discarding extemporaneous words with no thought. You see they clutter the rhythm with extra syllables……” 

“……and you said you couldn’t be taught.” 

“This horse,” Sailor thought, “is smarter than he looks.”  So he decided to stay for awhile. 

“You Conservatives are easy to spot.”, the horse said. “Turning everything into a trial.” 

Sailor thought about this, as his mind slowly turned to a smile. “You Liberals want all of us, except you of course, to give-up the extra mile.”  Sailor held back for a moment, thinking how he would say, concerning the pet-peeve that was bothering him today. 

 “Most of the books”, Sailor said.  “That are very popular today.  You know the ones on the best sellers roll, will all just probably decay.”  Sailor was getting excited, expressing the punishment he had felt.  “They tell me my poetry is wonderful, but the novels …..well …..they smelt.” 

“Guess I didn’t properly stimulate their senses”, Sailor thought.  “……..no spectacular vivid picture, their attention was not caught.  I want to grip the notions up-in their mind.  They say my poetry is colorful, …but writing is wasting my time.” 

 “Have you found when you’re writing”,  the horse said, craftily switching the theme,  “Do you ever find your repeating yourself, …that perhaps your loosing the dream?” 

Sailor sat and thought for awhile, not wanting to tell the horse a lie.  “I strip out all of the extra words, redundancy would just make it die.”  Then he exclaimed,  “No!  I don’t repeat myself, for a minimalist that would be simply wrong.  Like taking the voice of Madonna, …then asking her to sing us a song.” 

“OK, so your brief.”  The horse mockingly said.  “Guess that lets you write it real fast, but the words quickly read, are soon to be dead, proving poetry will never last.”  With a smug sort of snort, the horse showed his rapport, causing Sailor to slowly turn ’round.  “Tell me about the book you are reading.”  The horse asked with ease.  “It’s right over there, ………where you dropped it, ……There! ……under the trees.” 

Sailor picked up his book, put it back in his pack, then he started to drift far away.  He thought of a crime, now committed in time, knowing advertisers never give sway.  Commercials dominate the TV shows, broadcaster must keep you from drifting away.  “Let’s tell ’em what we’re goin’na to tell ’em, hook ‘um with anticipation, this will make them stay.” 

“I don’t watch TV”, the horse said.  “To little content, it’s not worth my valuable time.”  He said this because, Sailor procrastinates, wasting most of his day, while managing to work in pantomime. 

Then came the slamming of a door, the dream, ……….far to quickly ended.  The horse reached out, ‘cross space and time, solutions have been tended. 

 The story need not be long for the Poet to sing you his song, for he knows he can tell you stories this way.  With  rhythm and rhyme and sweet prose, he’ll keep you up on your toes, while all the time hopping you’ll forever stay. 

©  Sailor  All Rights Reserved – Dec. 2010 






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The day passed with our survival all.  Each and every one recovered from the squall. Michael was asking, if any of us knew.  He said he would tell us, so not be blue. 

“I wonder how many of you, know the real story, about when we celebrate Christmas, and all of its glory?”  Michael stopped for a moment, giving us all time to think, then he looked to the Universe, and gave it a wink.

“Christmas is celebrated, in December because, Pope Julius the First, needed a special faux pas.  The Pagans were dominating the winter’s festive creations.  The Christian were left out of the celebrations.  From year zero to well after 300 AD, Christ birth was celebrated in April, you see.  Pope Julius, wanting to crush the Pagans declared, the Pagan’s high holiday must then be snared.”

At this point I wondered if this was all true, promising later today I had a task to do.  To discover the truth, and ferret out the lies, connecting all the stories, and finding the ties.

Michael continued on, thus fulfilling his need, “Pope Julius declared the Church had decreed:  Our Lord Jesus Christ was born on the longest night of the year.  The Pagans stole your holiday, to suppress all your cheer, thus inciting the Christians of the Fourth Century, into creating celebrations, greater than their enemy’s.”

“They were to take the celebrations, move them from April to December, overwhelming the Pagan party, with a specular “Story” to remember.”

Michael stopped talking, this made us all think.  “You know,” he said, “actions like this, really stink.”

He continued his story, describing this nasty deed, but telling the truth, is his only need. “Christmas then dominated the winter holidays, while the Pagan’s solstice party slipped into an obscure malaise.  No one still living, knows the real truth.  (When was Christ born?)   No one knows, not even the great sleuth.”

I asked Michael why he was telling us this, he said, “To keep you informed, and way above the mist.”  After a moment he added, “I know it’s the celebration, not the day of the year, but distortions like this, make me shed a big tear.”

That’s the end of my story, when I learned of the truth.  Another piece of trivial information showing they are uncouth.  When you give them the power to make decisions for you, you loose your ability to see what is true.

 ©  Sailor December 30, 2010   All rights Reserved

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On a warm day in March

the sun makes an appearance

pretending winter has ended

can this really be true

winter is finally over

or some cruel trick

inviting us outdoors

only to slap our face

intrepid cold reality

a gentle peace




2010 – 2011 ©  Sailor  All Rights Reserved

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Death Penalty “The Law Breakers Mall”

Understanding the public’s need for vengeance, the State has been given permission to commit murder,  

for crimes so hideous, they forfeit their right to live.  

suspending the “Fifth Commandant”, what else can we give?  


Taking their life is a gift, thus ending their sin and pain  

life in solitary confinement will better destroy all their gain  

and put an end the practice, of sanctioned murder by necessity  

as we hold the Fifth Commandant up to the world majestically  




The prison system needs changing, it’s much to easy to do time  

remove all the fancy amenities, “Hell!  They’ve committed a crime!”  




I know there’s the pressure from being locked-up and all  

with the worst of the worst neighbors  Why, it’s the Law Breakers Mall.”  

A law has been broken, a punishment now stands  

an all-expense-paid vacation complements of Uncle Sam  


Take away the TV’s, Radios, Weights and other toys  

we’re feeding and housing them, a vacation with the “boys”  


They are there to be punished, sentenced for committing a crime  

THE RULE:  “….if you break the law, you gun’na do hard time.”  


© Sailor  

Opening salvo aimed at a major problem modern society has made a complete mess of.  

The expensive and outrageous cost to put someone to death is completely unacceptable. 

We are giving the State permission to kill someone in our name. 

This is a slippery slope we should get off of immediately. 

The death penalty doesn’t deter the crime – a truth, 

spending the next 50+ years in solitary confinement might  

The death penalty exist as a relic of the past. 

Vengeance for obscene acts committed. 

True vengeance for law-breakers  

incarceration, strict confinement  

for a capital offense, solitary confinement  

Thinking we are a moral society  

yet with the same breath we sanction the ending a life  

We are, “…..laboring under a misconception.”  

and let’s not forget 

the murder … the killing 

is of one of our own 

Still, we say it’s “A-OK” to kill ‘em)”.  

  ………………..to be continued (if you can believe that) 


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The birds in the springtime

are bringing you the news

get up off your backside

stop singing the blues



First, let your mind wander

as you pick-up the score

while setting the tempo

you surely could do more


Shedding old disguises

may cause some pain

setting the base line

establishing the gain


Awareness is paramount

no time to slow down

you must open your eyes

to the news you have found


Embrace the future

nothing will last

always remember

“It’s all in the past.”


©  Sailor  December 26, 2010 (for _ _ _ _ _)

Rev. December 28, 2010, 2:51 AM

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Why 02








I am very sure someone will tell me who wrote that, perhaps in a comment or an email.  They would get the credit, if only they would supply a real name.  Then they would need to provide a Real email address.  I cannot believe how many people lie (in public).  Over-and-over they break the Eighth Commandment with impunity.   .VIII.  You shall not bear false witness (LIE).  A good place to start is with the truth.

Leaving elaborate and complimentary comments to disguise the real intent. To advertise for free on some unsuspecting bloggers site.  Most bloggers don’t moderate their comments.  This allows these advertisers to plant, for-profit URL’s all over the World Wide Web.  It’s the shot-gun method.  Plant as many URL’s, on as many sites as you can,  hoping for that one-in-a-thousand hit.  I, on-the-other hand, monitor all comments, remove (delete) all for-profit URL’s (unless the commentator is the owner of the site) and delete all phony (the ones that are oblivious) names & bogus email addresses.

The really funny part is that I have the commenter’s IP address, and can (with a few clicks of the mouse), obtain the GPS location (address) the comment originated from.  There are hundreds of thousands, no, millions of thousands of WEB sites on the World Wide Web (I have two that I own, and six others that are on free blog sites with my own unique URL.

Now, I wonder how many comments were real, and which ones were just a ruse to plant their URL.  A few asked questions, and when I took the time to email an answer —  moments after sending I would receive a bounce telling me the email address did not exist, (A LIE).  This makes the commenter a liar, attempting to hide from the truth, and thinking they are running some sort of home business.

Actually they are trying to rip-off someone, much the way they were ripped-off by one of the many Home Based Bogus Business around today.  Anyone that pays, for a below-the-poverty-wage-level job, is a fool, pure-and-simple.  It’s no wonder they lie, but I don’t feel sorry for them.  Sad does not even come close to describing the existence a liar must have.  That’s enough, no more thinking on this subject.  I go on-and-on, don’t I?      © Sailor

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News Letter Update





Stats. for December 1 thru 25,  2010

2,977 VISITS [1,244 UNIQUE]

38,546 HITS – 19,960 PAGES


Below, the header of the news letter. 

Site Header

Mad Mimi


News Letter Mailer

Mad Mimi Email Marketing

The only mailing service used by



the “Readers”

N E W S    L E T T E R


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The Goddess – The Universe – Same Difference

 This is for the Ladies of Avalon and the first day of winter, December 21, 2010 


She sets the eastern sky aglow  

Shining so that all may know  


Reflecting the light of the universe  

Thus putting an end to the ancient curse  


Truth now illuminated so all may see  

The complete failure of …isms and …anity  


Flawless describes Her perfect form  

Providing comfort and keeping you warm  


Were you to stray from Her lovely sight  

Toward human gods that rule the night  


Your mind would shake in angers pain  

Without Her love you’ll go insane  


It’s then the Goddess calls to thee  

Sharing the truth so you might see  


Your being now soars to greater highs  

No longer limited by the skies 
 ©  Sailor


Another beautiful sunny morning on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  It’s the summer of ’91 and MK gave me “The Mist of Avalon”.  I read the book from cover-to-cover (almost without stopping).  That night, the full Moon rose over Lake Superior, above a cloudless sky.  Having seen this view many times from my little hill atop the world, I was surprised that it was as if I were seeing it for the first time.  The truth revealed impressed itself upon me, changing me once and forever – the complete respect I have for all the ladies of my life.  I still love you all.
Sailor – Michael Granucci 

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from The Universe

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I know that many of the commenter’s are doing some-sort of advertising campaign – posting URL’s for sites that are (often) not their own.  That’s OK with me, but what’s-up with the phony name, and bogus email address?

Are there really that many people in the world that are ashamed of their name?  Do they think by not disclosing their name they are somehow protecting their identity?

Know this: For the most part, the moment you “link to” (view) any site on the World Wide Web, your IP address is immediately available to the site owner –and– anyone that has access to the site: Administrator, Moderator, User, etc.

By not using your real name, screen name, or other “Real” AKA, you force moderation (your comment will be  reviewed by the site moderator), and marked SPAM.

Of course, it’s your choice, but if you choose to be dishonest (lie), the comment name will be shown as Anonymous or, it may be deleted by the moderator and never viewed by the public.

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