I have to ask.



“Your doing what?”  A friend yelled at me

“Your letting them read, and have it for free?”



I want them to read

and see what I see

their comments are wonderful

it has to be free


So I’m sharing with you a small problem I have

to cover expenses – a problem so sad

such a small problem

yet a problem indeed

blogging cost are accelerating

thus causing a need


Mailing service monthly bill

and Hosting services too

miscellaneous expenses

oh what shall I do.



“Ask for donations, their comments are fine

If they like what you’ve written, they’ll give you a dime.”



Now you might think this poem

was written for money for me

but it’s about the expenses

and keeping the site free


So now I must ask (humbly)

for a dollar or two

my PayPal account

will accept money from you.

With heavy heart I have asked

and now carry on

my account name at PayPal is: poetsailor@hotmail.com


Thank you for reading

and spending your time

Thank you for sharing

your comments are fine.


I’m sorry I’m asking

for money from you

but think for a moment

just what would you do?


© Sailor 2011