An amusing dream

transported across time

the Governments most powerful lady

has a Christmas present in mind


Saturday Night Live ®

shared their vivid out-takes

An earthquake separates California

from the mainland of the United States


Queen Nancy now smiles

She has her country at last

The Worlds fifth largest economy

“The U.S. can kiss my ass.”


Karmic truth

The Law of Consequences

Dreams are manufactured fantasizes

while reality drops the fences



for the rest of us

Nancy plays above the clouds

and never rides the bus


Unaffected by Laws

she placed upon our lives

Queen Nancy must now stop dreaming

and take responsibility for her lies

Jingle Bells (Nancy’s version)
“Jingle Bells
Nancy tells
the people it’s OK
Oh what fun
it was to vote
her health care single pay..a”
©  Sailor