Second Birthday

On my Son’s second birthday – things I must remember.

While taking trips within my head

some things are really better said

To try and do what I think is right

I’ll teach my son that he should not fight

I’ll show him everything that I can

yet he’ll stick his fingers in the fan

To put into words what must be felt

like tasting food that can’t be smelt

We can only guess just what it’s like

until we take to our own flight

Nothing will show all that life brings

until within his song he sings

His body will vibrate like a lute

his voice will sing out like a flute

For then he’ll know the pain and joy

as he discovers each new toy

My son then smiles as he nears the ground

enjoying the new things he has found

His mind will wander and wonder and more

as he sees new objects on the floor

It’s such a joy to watch his eyes

while his imagination fills the skies

New thoughts and directions come to him

forever daring to act on a whim

As his teacher I must stay free

and let him see what he can be

Never to guard his questioning sight

I’m only there to give him might

To share the all as I think it to be

never ever restricting his liberty

For the error of my crazy ways

can only show him just a phase

A moment in time but not his own

remembering too I wanted to be shown

I could not accept what others taught

while gleaming truths from my own thought

I was sure I knew without a doubt

just what the world was all about

To find new truths and make a plan

to question everything that you can

And so I must without a sound

let him fall upon the ground

He’ll think about the way it was

and when I ask say “just because…”

To try and show just how much joy

I get each day from my little boy

Would be like reaching the rainbows end

and having all that gold to spend

© Michael “Sailor” Granucci – September 10, 1982 - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting  0