Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,
One moment from your day
Please hear me out
You might enjoy
Before you throw away
Remembering the thrill we felt
As HOPE filled every Being
The wonderful words
You shared with us
Took everyone on a fling
You simply earned our due respect
For taking on a stand
But deception by omission
Blinding the Masses into submission
Concealed your intended callous plan
You should not have deceived us
You do yourself no good
Your ideology is all wrong
You understand we see
You really know you should
We the American people
You know the ones you work for
Completed your two year review
And now are speaking to you
Excessive spending is at the core
We all know these simple words
Will never reach your eyes
But we can vote
As you well know
We see through your desguise
©  Sailor