Thread of Thought


Gathering Supplies


I have tried to hover above the conversation

how God’s perceived needs became established law

…and of all the Gods that came before…

was that a flash of light I saw


We keep looking toward the future

a solution for problems at hand

building upon past failures

elite politicians definitely have a plan


Like all of you

to one degree or another

following the Great Debate

Liberal Conservative or the other


One thinks they are in Office

to tax and spend and get re-elected

the others believe the reach of Government

should be Conservatively selected


Two ideologies scratching the surface

solving other’s problems the intent

using power and control is obvious

your trust and confidence are being misspent


So much more to ask

even more to say

taking more than chances

I’ll enter into the fray


©  Sailor  July 20, 2011   All Rights Reserved