So many issues directly affecting Society Thoughts governed by logic a peculiarity We’ve become numb to the opposition Confused why others don’t hold our opinion I know it’s all confusing Voices seem to be musing Colored by bias delusion Contributing to the confusion Having looked … Continue reading

Social Engineering

From: The Reader of Sailor's RANDOM THOUGHTS Powered by Mad Mimi® I can say this I believe you believe God exist (your belief is very powerful) I believe You might say the power of people emotions doth sway (My belief is very powerful) Gathering information how … Continue reading

Obama the King

My gosh, the first words that come to my mind when first trying to say it politely the American way, a republic so fine but the Progressives are gripping it tightly   I know you now see President Obama’s true plan to overwhelm the economy as quickly as he can   Redistribute the wealth, … Continue reading

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, One moment from your day Please hear me out You might enjoy Before you throw away   Remembering the thrill we felt As HOPE filled every Being The wonderful words You shared with us Took everyone on a fling   You simply earned our due respect For taking on a … Continue reading


THANKSGIVING 2010 Wake up This is the tomorrow You were warned about yesterday  Concern Predicated on One’s personal effect (EFFECT; An impression that is artificial)   When affected a flurry of reaction no time for the opposition  Consider unintended consequences almost always … Continue reading