Full Moon

Having just experienced a lunar eclipse on the longest night, and shortest day of this years trip around the sun, I watched as the full Moon, in all its splendor, reflect its influence on the Earth.   Did not the joy in last nights sky make you smile and get you high   Did not the glow … Continue reading


  The birds in the springtime are bringing you the news get up off your backside stop singing the blues   First, let your mind wander as you pick-up the score while setting the tempo you surely could do more   Shedding old disguises may cause some pain setting the base line … Continue reading


Perhaps the Big Bang is not as the Theorist perceive in-as-much-as Consciousness awoke   The Universe became and expanded   Evolutionary time is measured not regulated by the revolutions of the Earth upon its axis   Consciousness is energy and... to-the-best-of our … Continue reading


THANKSGIVING 2010 Wake up This is the tomorrow You were warned about yesterday  Concern Predicated on One’s personal effect (EFFECT; An impression that is artificial)   When affected a flurry of reaction no time for the opposition  Consider unintended consequences almost always … Continue reading