Social Engineering


The Reader



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I can say this

I believe

you believe

God exist

(your belief is very powerful)

I believe

You might say

the power of people

emotions doth sway

(My belief is very powerful)

Gathering information

how little we know

influencing the future

blindly we go

(Our vote is very powerful)

Indefensible actions

based on false conclusions

drawing erroneous assumptions

social engineering delusions

©2011  Sailor


Logic supports my conclusion

irrespective of the facts

false erroneous agenda

powerful special interest PACs

(Control by a few of many)

Nobody, no one, is perfect

on this you all agree

I am nobody and therefore

I am perfect you see

(a false erroneous assumption)

I cannot be nobody

nobody does not exist

by manipulating logic (wordplay)

a propagandist magic twist

(…only a fool believes without proof)

Listen to their words

on this fact I will not sway

but also view their actions

how they affect the world today

(“…actions speak louder than words.”)

Truth and fairness

summarily dismissed

no liar should be elected

where truth does not exist

(…no liar can swear an oath

and have that declaration believed)

…and when a proven liar

tells us all he has a plan

I feel like searching the planet Earth

for the very first grain of sand

(Powerful goals – zero results)

A subtle form of redistribution

classic reverse discrimination

take more and more from the rich folks

“For the poor?”  No, the Obama Plantation

© August 21, 2011   Sailor ALL RIGHTS RESERVED